Psychedelic assisted therapy

Discover a revolutionary approach to mental health and overall well-being through Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT).

Grounded in extensive research and evidence-based practices, our program is meticulously tailored to each individual, aligning with the growing body of evidence supporting this transformative therapeutic method.

How can psychedelics help?

Certain psychedelics have been researched and shown to have benefit for people with:









Post traumatic stress disorder


Obsessive compulsive disorder


Bipolar disorder


Substance use disorder



Why Psychedelic Assisted Therapy?

At its core, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT) involves incorporating a psychedelic medicine, whether plant-derived or synthetic, to support various forms of therapeutic approaches.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted numerous avenues without finding relief from your symptoms, you’re not alone. Despite lifestyle changes, prescribed medications, and therapy, many individuals grapple with persistent challenges in habits, health, and relationships.

This is where psychedelics can potentially make a difference.

By integrating them as a therapeutic tool, they may support your nervous system in breaking free from ingrained patterns, fostering a more adaptive mindset.

Growing research and anecdotal evidence suggest that PAT could assist in working through difficult experiences or trauma, alleviating anxiety, uplifting mood, or catalyzing a transformative shift to initiate lasting changes.

Why Decriminalize Psychedelic use?

A decriminalized approach to psychedelics is paramount for several reasons:

Public Health and Safety:

Decriminalization shifts the focus from punitive measures to a public health-oriented perspective.

This encourages individuals to seek help without fear of legal repercussions, fostering a safer environment for open discussions about mental health and substance use.

Reduction of Stigma:

Decriminalization contributes to destigmatizing psychedelic use, recognizing that many individuals engage in these substances for personal growth, spiritual exploration, or therapeutic purposes.

This shift diminishes the negative stereotypes associated with psychedelics.

Research Opportunities:

With decriminalization, there’s greater leeway for scientific research into the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics.

This research can contribute to a better understanding of these substances and their applications in mental health treatment.

Focus on Harm Reduction:

A decriminalized approach allows for the implementation of harm reduction strategies.

This includes ensuring that individuals have access to safe substances, accurate information, and supportive environments, ultimately minimizing the risks associated with psychedelic use.

Legal Resources Reallocation:

Decriminalization allows law enforcement resources to be redirected towards addressing more pressing issues. This shift can lead to a more efficient use of resources, focusing on areas that have a more significant impact on public safety.

Personal Freedom and Autonomy:

Individuals have the right to make decisions about their own consciousness and well-being.

Decriminalization respects personal autonomy, recognizing that responsible, informed choices can be made without the threat of criminal consequences.

Social Equity:

Decriminalization helps address issues of social equity, as drug laws have disproportionately affected certain communities. Reforming these laws is a step toward a more just and equitable legal system.

In essence, a decriminalized approach to psychedelics aligns with a broader paradigm shift towards a more compassionate, understanding, and health-focused approach to mental well-being.

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Traditional and Sacred Uses

It’s crucial to recognize and honour that while Western cultures are swiftly embracing the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicines, many of these substances, along with sacred plant medicines, have been integral to ceremonies and healing practices in indigenous communities for millennia worldwide. We deeply respect the traditional and therapeutic applications of these plant medicines and advocate for the preservation of the ecosystems where they flourish.

Within indigenous communities lies a wealth of wisdom, and it’s a privilege to learn from them, contributing to the healing of our own communities. If you’re intrigued to explore more about traditional medicine practices and ways to support their sustainability, visit Chacruna, the Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines.

Psychedelic Services

Microdose Education & Consultation

Delve into the world of microdosing with our 30-minute consultation, combining education and personalized guidance. Our experts provide insights into the benefits of microdosing, addressing questions and concerns. Tailored recommendations on dosage and frequency empower you to integrate microdosing seamlessly into your routine. Ideal for those considering or new to microdosing, this focused session is your gateway to safe and effective microdosing for enhanced well-being.

Book now to embark on a journey of knowledge and self-discovery.

Psychedelic integration Therapy

A blend of traditional mind-body techniques with cutting edge metaphysical sciences, providing a holistic space for your psychedelic journey’s integration. Delve into deeper layers of consciousness, guided by spiritual insights. Explore the mystical dimensions of your experiences and seamlessly integrate them into your life. Transformative healing awaits as you bridge the metaphysical and psychological realms with the support of our experienced practitioners.

MicroDose Mastery Program

Explore the transformative potential of psilocybin with our Microdose Mastery Program. This comprehensive program is designed to guide you safely and effectively through the process of microdosing psilocybin for personal growth, healing, and enhanced cognitive performance.

You’re not just participating in a regimen; you’re embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth, guided by experts and supported by a community of fellow journeyers. Step into the realm of microdosing and explore the incredible potential that lies within.

learn more about the microdose mastery program

Integrative Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Integrated Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT) has shown promising results in the treatment of various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our integrated approach combines ketamine therapy with psychotherapy to optimize outcomes and facilitate deep healing.

Learn more about Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT) through our partners at the Empower Health Wellness Centre in Vancouver, BC.

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Integrative Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Integrated MDMA Assisted Therapy

Embark on a journey of profound emotional exploration with our MDMA-assisted therapy. Utilizing MDMA’s unique properties alongside psychotherapy, this approach provides a safe space for individuals to delve into buried emotions, enhance communication, and reduce fear and anxiety.

Our experienced therapists create a supportive environment, guiding you through the process with care. Post-session integration is a key focus, ensuring insights gained lead to lasting positive change. If you’re navigating trauma, PTSD, anxiety, or other mental health challenges, consider this comprehensive and transformative therapeutic modality.

Learn more about MDMA Assisted Therapy (MAT) through our partners at the Empower Health Wellness Centre in Vancouver, BC.

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Integrative Ketamine Assisted Therapy

The Psychedelic Sabbatical Program

Immerse yourself in our Psychedelic Sabbatical Program, a year-long journey designed for profound self-discovery & transformation.

Guided by experienced facilitators, this program offers a curated experience with psychedelics, mindfulness practices, integration therapy and the opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness while transforming your life.

Learn more about the Psychedelic Sabbatical Program here

How do I access The Medicine?

Ketamine & MDMA stands as a potent and legally sanctioned psychedelic medication employed in the treatment of certain mental health conditions.

While most other psychedelic medicines are presently not for general use, exceptions exist for research, end-of-life treatment through special access, and specific sacred or religious group contexts.

Discover more about Psilocybin, Ketamine & MDMA Assisted Therapy by exploring our resources.

For inquiries regarding alternative psychedelic therapies, feel free to reach out to us.

What is the Special Access Program (SAP)?

Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics

Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP) allows practitioners to request access to drugs that are not otherwise available or approved for sale in Canada.

This program primarily pertains to pharmaceuticals, and its application to psychedelics is a relatively recent development.

Health Canada has been considering requests for the therapeutic use of psychedelics, particularly psilocybin, under the Special Access Program. Notably:

Psilocybin for End-of-Life Care:

In August 2020, Health Canada granted an exemption to certain healthcare professionals, allowing them to use psilocybin in patients facing end-of-life distress. This was not a broad legalization but a specific exemption for compassionate use in palliative care.

Expansion of Access:

Subsequent to this exemption, there have been discussions about expanding access to psilocybin for therapeutic purposes, including treatment-resistant depression and anxiety.

Learn more about psychedelic use in Canada.

Can I Use Psychedelics for Spiritual Purposes?

The use of psychedelics for spiritual purposes is a complex and multifaceted topic. Historically, various cultures have used psychedelics in ceremonial and spiritual contexts.

Here are some key considerations:

Legal Status:

Many psychedelics are classified as controlled substances, making their possession, use, or distribution illegal in many jurisdictions. It’s essential to be aware of the legal status of specific substances in your location.

Religious and Spiritual Use Exemptions:

In certain cases, individuals may seek exemptions for the religious or spiritual use of psychedelics. For example, some religious groups have obtained legal recognition for their sacramental use of substances like ayahuasca or peyote.

Risk and Responsibility:

The use of psychedelics carries risks, both legal and health-related. Understanding the potential risks and benefits and approaching their use with responsibility is crucial.

Cultural Context:

In some indigenous cultures, the use of psychedelics is deeply intertwined with spiritual practices. However, it’s important to approach these substances with respect for the cultural and historical context in which they are traditionally used.

Therapeutic and Spiritual Overlap:

Some individuals explore psychedelics for both therapeutic and spiritual reasons. Research is ongoing regarding the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics, and some individuals find that these experiences have a profound impact on their sense of spirituality or connection.

Personal Beliefs and Intentions:

Your personal beliefs and intentions play a significant role. Some individuals find that psychedelics enhance their sense of spirituality or connection to a higher power, while others may have different or non-spiritual experiences.

Always consider the legal and ethical implications before deciding to use psychedelics for spiritual purposes. If you are interested in exploring psychedelics in a spiritual context, it’s advisable to seek guidance from experienced individuals, practitioners, or communities who approach these substances with a balanced understanding of their potential benefits and risks. Additionally, be aware of the legal status of psychedelics in your jurisdiction.

It’s important to note:


Psychedelics are not right for everyone, there are many health reasons and otherwise why they might not be right for you.


Taking psychedelics on your own or without adequate support may actually make you feel worse and could be a safety risk if your drugs have not been tested or if you are not kept safe from external dangers.


There is a growing perception that psychedelic medicines are a silver bullet and are a cure for mental health problems, this is not true and when done incorrectly they can make your symptoms worse.


It is common to have unenjoyable or difficult psychedelic experiences, it is a misconception that they always result in increased connection, feelings of oneness etc. By working with a therapist they can help you to work to shape a difficult experience into something that benefits you.


While you might experience rapid benefits, psychedelics are not a quick fix, signing up for PAT takes commitment to the healing process and preparation to manage what is coming up during the sessions.


Informed consent is extremely important! If you engage in PAT with us we will ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you are saying yes to the therapy only after having all of the information you need.

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