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Our Mission & Vision

We believe a healthier humanity (and planet) is possible with the help of plant medicines & a compassionate unified world view.

Our vision is to see knowledge, wisdom & empowerment inspire health at the personal level that ripples out to the collective community – healing from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

Our mission is to ensure:


Reasonable access to safe natural medicines


Reliable education, resources & information


Compassionate care, support & guidance

What We Do

We support patients, families & their loved ones in preventing, maintaining & treating common health problems through an integrative health approach – combining traditional therapies with modern medicine.

Flower of Life’s signature services, treatment plans, educational resources, programs & products ensure measurable results & an improved, empowered quality of life.

Our Approach

Every person is unique, and therefore their health care plan should reflect their unique path forward. We customize everything we do to support the person we’re treating.

We offer a multimodal approach to healing & enjoy developing longitudinal relationships with our patients by always taking the time to listen, plan & care.

Often times we end up treating the patient, their families & communities.

Our Core Values

Healing is an inside job that requires learning, patience, consistency, resilience, support & humility– It also requires different tools for different people at different times.

We believe in the power of the mind-body-spirit connection and that learning / personal development is a lifelong journey.

Our approach is ‘Kaizen’ meaning ‘Continuous improvement’ in Japanese.

We are constantly evolving our approach as more research, technology, & plant medicines become available.

We highly value having fun along the way!

Health is a lifelong a journey after all…


Since 2014

 “Never Doubt that a small group of thoughtful, Committed citizens
can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

Flower of Life was founded by medical patients & health care practitioners who ‘get it’ because we’ve been there.

We believe access to health care is a basic human right, and everyone deserves safe, conscious, ethical products & services with guidance from professionals who care about your progress and wellbeing.

We believe making empowered decisions about your health comes from a foundation of science based education & require pillars of support along the way.

A big problem we looked to solve for patients & their loved ones was to provide compassionate, consistent, judgment free care that continued beyond an initial consultation or sale of a product.

The solutions-based attitude of our co-founder, Selena Wong, embodies the belief that if you identify a problem in your community and no one takes action, it’s your opportunity to create a solution. This philosophy inspired us to establish Flower of Life.

We believe everyone deserves quality of life at any stage of life.

Better health is possible & comes in many forms- Mind, Body & Spirit.

Our team cheers you on every step of the way through an educational approach to support & empower you to achieve your best health in a way that makes sense for YOU.


Flower of Life started as a registered not-for-profit compassion club society (medical cannabis dispensary) in 2014 and began crafting organic, lab tested cannabis products for patients all across Canada. This was something that didn’t exist at the time and was desperately needed for patients so they could have standardized doses with replicable results.

As our patient base grew, we began offering additional health care services including free public education, health care consultations, natural health products & herbal medicine making classes.

We grew into an integrative health clinic in 2018 at the dawn of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada, creating the first hybrid model of a fully staffed health care facility with access to legal medical cannabis products, a herbal apothecary, and ongoing classes/events in the community.

Fun Fact: our first brick & mortar storefront location in Vernon was a former Government of Canada Department of Corrections facility… transformed into a beautiful apothecary, library and integrative health clinic.

We have been lucky to work alongside many cannabis pioneers, including Dr. William (Bill) Fair (one of the first physicians to prescribe medical cannabis), who helped us create a new vision forward in healthcare with patient centred solutions & tangible pathways to get there.

This enabled us to create an integrative model that bridges traditional, holistic, natural healing with a modern medical approach to health & wellness.

We want you to feel better & Have Fun

At Flower of Life we’re different & thats a good thing.

We enjoy providing our clients with an excellent experience & a thoughtful approach to their care every step of the way.


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We've been growing cannabis & making medicine since 2010


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